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It doesn’t matter if you have a small electricity problem or if you are looking to build a full ­house grid, you need a certified electrician. All electricians need to study their profession and be certified by the province in which they preform the work. Before hiring any contractor, you need to make sure that the person you hire for the job is certified for it, possesses the skills and knowledge and is insured for any case of damage.

When looking for BC electrical contractors you will find professionals in three different levels; apprentice, journeyman and the master. They are all in different levels as they all have a different level of experience.

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Which electrical contractors are acceptable for the job?

If you are looking at a simple task, an apprentice will do just fine, as any of his work should be inspected by a BC Journeyman or master electrician. You can also rest assure because any work being done will need to have an electrical inspection preformed before they can call the job complete. So, as long as you have a permit for the job, you shouldn’t have a problem obtaining a person qualified for the job. The advantage of having such a person for the job is of course the price,­ as it will normally be lower than the other professionals.

When going into a complicated and long term project it might be wiser to have someone more qualified, with a larger amount of training and experience. However­ that would reflect on their price as well. For these cases you might be looking to find a BC journeyman electrician, that is still skilled and qualified­ but takes a little lower fee than his Master friend.

How to choose the right contractor for the job

If you don’t know which of the many BC electrical contractors to hire, start with asking your friends. Have your friends had personal experiences in the past with an electrician? If they did so and had a positive result­ ask them for that person’s number and give it a go. If you don’t know anyone with previous experience with these types of contractors,­ try looking into our BC electrical contractors data pool here, check out their references, websites/ Facebook pages if they have­ or simply give them a call and see how you get along with them and how much they would charge for your project.

Before you start working with an electrician­

Make sure that they are a certified and well known BC electric company. Hiring a cheap contractor for electricity works might be tempting, but if they don’t posses the right skills for the job they might do more harm than good, and you must not “play” with electricity. Once you found several BC electrical contractors make a list of them, what they think your project should cost you and also mark how you feel about having that person in your house. You might always think that paying less is better, but if it means letting an unpleasant person into your home­ we would recommend hiring a contractor that makes you feel  more relaxed and at ease.

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