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As all electricians must be licensed by the province, all of the contractors we work with in Fort St John have declared being properly trained and approved by British Columbia to be doing electrical work.

However, when you look throughout our site you may find 2 types of electrical contractors: The master and the journeyman. A journeyman electrician is a professional that was previously an apprentice and worked under a journeyman or master throughout a four year program. After that period of time, completing and documenting all necessary hours worked and after successfully passing the final exam, the apprentice will become a qualified journeyman electrician and will be able to take on jobs on their own in Fort St John and other parts of BC.

Apprentice electrician in Fort St John, BC

Tips for hiring an electrician in Fort St John:

If you are looking to hire someone for electricity jobs and looking into the contractors data pool you should prepare the following information in advance:

  • What kind of job needs to be done?
  • Is it an indoor or outdoor job? (Important to know if this needs to be done under certain weather conditions)
  • What is your budget for this job?
  • How fast do you need this job to be done?

With that in mind you can start looking for the perfect man (Or woman) from our Fort St John electrical contractors pool.

Once you have your list ready, and the list of the contractors you can start calling them and filling out the details for each. If you find yourself wanting to hire a journeyman electrician and not a Master­ no need to worry. Though he may have less experience than his colleague, your chosen contractor will be qualified to work alone and do what needs to be done… And he or she will probably give you a better offer with a lower price than the Master. Click here for another source for Qualified Electrical Contractors in For St John.

Have a problem with your building’s electricity or street lights?

You might want to call Fort St John city­ hall before looking into private electrical contractors. If the problem is in the jurisdiction of the city­ hall then they will deal with it by hiring a journeyman electrician (Or Master).

If the city ­hall will confirm that the electrical problem or project falls into private hands then the hiring part and the payment will fall on you. However­ it’s always a good thing to try. No matter what you do and who you hire always remember to check that the person is certified to do the job, has had the proper training for it, is allowed to work alone (Journeyman Fort St John electricians and Masters only­. Not an Apprentice), and is insured for this project. You don’t want to have an electrical problem later on, or god ­forbid have a life threatening short circuit on your hands.

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